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How to get the smoke out of the house quickly?

I believe you must have been around people who smoke, sometimes some people like smoking in the room, if the room is leak, that's good, but if not very drafty in this room, then the smoke in the room can let a person very afflictive, will be exposed to secondhand smoke harm, so this time, remove the smoke in the room has become a urgent thing to do. So do you know how to get rid of smoke in your room faster and better?
The first thing to do is to open the window and ventilate. The flow of air can solve this problem quickly and quickly. But it's colder in winter. Opening a window to ventilate is not an absolute option either.
Second, we can use activated carbon, activated carbon is recognized as an anti-virus expert, put the activated carbon bag in every corner of the room, can effectively prevent and cure this problem.
The third point is to light a candle. The principle of lighting a candle is that the amorphous carbon produced by burning the candle has adsorption effect on the smoke. Therefore, lighting a candle is also a good choice when it comes to how to quickly remove the smoke smell in the house.
Fourth, you need to prepare some vinegar water, then soak the towel with this solution, wave the towel indoors, it will soon be effective. The main gases produced by smoke are soluble in water, and the aim is to dissolve the smell of smoke in water as quickly as possible.
The last solution is lemons. When we eat lemons, we soak the peeled lemon or orange peel in hot water, so that the water has a lemon peel taste. Then we put the water in a small atomizer and spray it around the room, which also gets rid of the smoke, even with orange peels.
Now, do you know how to get rid of the smell of cigarettes quickly? If you're around someone who smokes, try these tips. I am often surrounded by people who smoke Newport Cigarettes Online, which have a strong smell, so I often use these methods myself.