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The development history of paper cigarettes

Speaking of cigarettes, I believe that all people know that this is the most popular kind of cigarettes, and paper cigarettes are the prototype of modern cigarettes. The reason why it can replace the dry smoke and water pipe into the mainstream is directly related to the war. So do you know the history of paper cigarettes? Now let's take a look.
Paper cigarettes were invented in the 1799 war, when Napoleon's army stormed the town of Arak in Turkey. In the heat of battle, the common water pipe used by the Turkish soldiers to smoke was blown up by Napoleon's artillery, and the smoking Turks had to roll the tobacco with the gunpowder paper used to light the guns, thus paper cigarettes were born.
And is closely related to the development of the cigarette paper and war, because the nicotine in tobacco has anesthesia and hemostatic effect, can ease pain, at the same time, also can let tired people to play up the spirit, let anxiety irritability, calm down, and boring, fear, pain and it is the biggest enemy soldiers, therefore, tobacco naturally fit their needs.
During the Crimean War in the mid-19th century, British soldiers learned how to cut paper and smoke cigarettes from their Ottoman counterparts, making paper cigarettes commercially available. The advent of cigarette machines in Europe in 1880 ushered in the era of machine-made cigarettes, which had become affordable to those at the bottom of society who had been put off by the high cost of cigars and cigarettes.
When the First World War broke out, almost all soldiers had access to tobacco. As the demand for tobacco grew, cigarette rolling machines appeared. By the end of the war, the most advanced cigarette rolling machines could produce thousands of cigarettes per minute.
During World War II, tobacco once again became a key strategic commodity. President Roosevelt declared tobacco an important crop and tobacco growers could suspend their military service. In China, after the fall of coastal areas, cigarettes became the mainstay of the economy in much of the rear. In the end, the war, which spanned 61 countries and territories, shaped many people's cigarette consumption habits for decades to come.
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