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The difference between nicotine salt and ordinary e-liquid

With the progress of the times, e-cigarettes also use nicotine salt e-liquid, and no longer insist on ordinary free-base nicotine e-liquid. So do you know the difference between nicotine salt e-liquid and ordinary e-liquid?
First, using nicotine salt e-liquid allows you to get more nicotine quickly. Generally speaking, it allows you to meet your nicotine needs more conveniently than ordinary e-liquids, so as to achieve the purpose of quitting smoking. You can also understand that it is more convenient to use, because you don't have to keep smoking e-cigarettes to achieve the blood nicotine content you need.
Second, it saves more e-cigarettes. If you are not a pure smoker, and you are exposed to e-cigarettes just to satisfy your addiction, nicotine salt e-liquid will allow you to use less e-liquid to meet your expected nicotine intake.
Third, the shelf life of nicotine salt e-liquid is longer, and nicotine salt is more stable than free base nicotine, which means that the stock solution of nicotine salt can last longer when stored without nicotine degradation.
Fourth, you don’t need a high-power device. The nicotine salt e-liquid can obtain nicotine more effectively, so you don’t need to use a high-power box. Even a simple small device can meet your nicotine needs. You can also understand that it is more worry-free, because the nicotine salt is relatively stable and not so easy to degrade. You can put it aside for a few days and then smoke it.
Therefore, nicotine salt e-liquid is a major improvement, which makes e-cigarettes closer to real cigarettes, and at the same time the harm of smoking is reduced. Therefore, those who want to quit smoking can choose e-cigarettes with nicotine salt e-liquid. Of course, if you want to Buy Newport Cigarettes, our Cigarettes Hot Sale shop can also provide the cheapest cigarettes.