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The saga of tobacco

The emergence of tobacco has a long history, we are very familiar with tobacco, we all know that smoking is harmful to health, but if tobacco is only harmful, no good, then tobacco is unlikely to enter human life. After all, human beings are sensible animals, but also rational animals. There are natural reasons why tobacco has entered human life. In the meantime, there are some strange stories about tobacco in our life. Let's take a look at them.
First of all, we all know that cigarette butts, in life, most people do not pay attention to the discarded cigarette butts above, but in the eyes of the police, a small cigarette butts is a major clue to help them solve crimes! I'm sure you've seen it before: cigarette butts in plastic bags. This is mainly because cigarette butts leave smoking people's saliva, through saliva test can identify smokers blood type, and then this blood type and case related personnel check one by one, you can narrow the scope of detection; In addition, saliva also contains oral epithelial cells, which can be separated and stained for test to find out whether it is "X" or "Y" chromosome. If it is "X" chromosome, it is female; if it is "Y" chromosome, it is male. In this way, the sex of the suspect can be further identified, thus greatly improving the efficiency of solving crimes.
Also has the role of ash is very big, ash can be used to preserve cultural relics, in Japan there is a wooden Buddha, the volume is very small, only 3 mm high, there is not even a grain of rice, but exquisite carving, making exquisite, and this Statue of Buddha is stored in ash, has been stored for three hundred years.
What's more,the cigarette case is a very good thing, to the lover of collect bound, cigarette case but treasure, especially those a few decades ago old brand cigarette case, more valuable. And in South Korea, a mother who lost her baby went to a tobacco company for help and had her daughter's portrait printed on 114 million cigarette packets. And sure enough, the move worked so well that the mother was able to find her daughter.
And, you know, the smell of smoke makes the horses work very hard, because the smell of smoke makes the animals more energetic and excited, so the horses work even harder.
In a word, tobacco also has many wonderful uses in our life. If you can make good use of tobacco, its value is also very high. Of course, tobacco is the most attractive thing for smokers. If smokers want to get the best Wholesale Newport Cigarettes for the least amount of money, check out our cigarettes store and I'm sure you'll find some at the right price.